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Voting rewards

kazahl a posted Sep 5, 16


We have created a new feature, rewards after X amount of votes per month. For example if you vote 30 times in a month you will get one reward, if you manage to get more votes that same month there is more rewards to collect. The count is reset per month so you can get it each month. Happy voting!


mcMMO and other features!

kazahl a posted Sep 4, 16

Hello people!

We have worked alot lately, adding and improving features on the server. For example:

  • Different Crates (improving rewards right now)
  • Shop (parts of it are enabled)
  • Time/Weather vote (/day, night, sun, rain)
  • More custom visuals in chat
  • Unscramble/Reaction chat game (with reward)
  • New chat filter (I hope its better than the last one)
  • mcMMO (lvl up different abilities)

We will keep on making this place awesome! Your help is appreciated, report bugs and feedback on the forum!


Open to public again!

kazahl a posted Aug 25, 16

The server is now open to public, welcome back!

Final testing!

kazahl a posted Aug 24, 16

The server is in final testing now and should be open to public hopefully in 1-2 days if everything goes well.

I'll start with saying that we are sorry for the random closing of the servers without notice. We have decided that a rebuild is needed, and by that we will remove all servers exept Survival, this server is new and built better than the old one was. Some changes are made in the features it offers, you will see it all when we open up again. I hope you don't hate us for this and want to join back and play the new Survival with us. We made this rebuild because 4 servers and hub was to large for us so far.

Best Regards,